This is template Simplex News Aggregator 2 from SimplexDesign . This template was made as a news aggregator ,that you can get RSS news from any source , mixing them as categories and then publish as time order . It will be every helpful to you if you have a lot of blog and want to make a portal to gather all news from one place . This version of template comes with blog writing ,and page menu ,that allow you to share your thought or note important information .
I hope this template helpful to you .For more detail ,visit SimplexDesign blog


  1. Zeeshan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Allien 99 says:

    simple but impressive.. thanks :)

  3. How can I get more categories in the sidebar?
    I tried but could not ... huf

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  5. Super my web full agrgatorr

  6. Admin says:

    Awesome, is it possible to have register option to Blogger where all the registered user can be given 'Autor' permission so that they can also submit posts or RSS feeds....?

    Desperately waiting for my two blogs

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Simplex News Aggregator is a news reader integrated in Blogger Platform .It collect news from many sources and show you the latests as time order .